Your Time is Valuable.


What's your time worth?

Your time is valuable. Make every second count...

There's should be a timer or a watch around here somewhere..

philipp-berndt-173197-unsplash - White Door


Your time is valuable. Make every second count..

There's should be a timer or a watch around here somewhere..


Most mornings when I wake up, I look for some kind of motivation. The start of your day is the most important. It helps set the mood and tempo. Hold on one second. My fresh cup of coffee is ready.

Where was I?

Oh yes.

Now we can get on with the day. Is coffee your thing? If not, you can always grab some hot tea.

Now that we're hydrated, let's be productive. One tip that I learned that really helped me out is having good lighting in the room. Lighting sets the whole mood for me. Whether it's bright white lights to bring high energy or maybe a cool blue tinted lights to calm the mood.

That little tip helped me become 5x as productive. Or should I say 10x, as my 10x rule audiobook plays in the background.



45 minutes in...

Okay. It's break time.


Speaking of break time..

Here's a good way to break up your day and work routine.


52 minutes work. 17 minutes break.

Okay. Time to take your 17 minutes break.

Let's throw some water on the face and wake up.


dan-watson-4326-unsplash-Bathroom sink

Time to throw some water on your face and wake up. Is your beard getting pretty long? Maybe it might be time to trim it up or shave.


There's nothing wrong with keeping yourself well maintained and groomed.

Let's get you out of these joggers and house shoes.

When I'm doing home office work, I tend to throw on a nice pair of slacks or jeans and a decent shirt.

It seems simple, but it changes up the vibe, instantly.


alexander-andrews-478911-unsplash - Watches

Time for a decent shirt.

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Once we take another 17-minute break, let's get up and stretch.

Before we switch up projects. Let's get a little get inspiration.

Art happens to do it for me. I enjoy seeing other people's creative process. It's pretty motivating.


Urban Pioneer


Rinse. Recycle. Repeat.